liberation in the present moment

What defines you ultimately binds you. Nothing wrong about that as long as you know that that’s not the Self to rely on, but instead it is a garment you wear. C

suffering as the gate to freedom

Fearing impermanence is equal to fearing life itself. You build your own imprisonment by that and make yourself a slave. How do I know that? Cause there is the experience of suffering when I am not aware of this fact and I buy into and ultimately cling to the idea of impermanence. The suffering of…

gaining inner freedom

We all have the inner freedom that we give ourselves. Meaning to which degree we hold onto the gestalt of a solid self is the ‘amount of freedom’ that can be experienced. C    

free of worries

By dropping the thought of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s ‘I’, the experience of ‘beingness’ in the infinite presence is accessible. Instead if one clings to a yesterday’s ‘I’ and grasps a tomorrow’s ‘I’, one wanders on the oceans of delusion. C

the inner freedom of existence

The moment you welcome all aspects of experience is the moment you invite the inner freedom of existence into your life. Nothing to fear, nothing to cling. There is nothing more than that. C

understanding fear

By seeing clearly that fear is only present when projected into a future, we can decide to rest in fearlessness offered by the present moment itself and act upon it, rather than getting carried away by fear fueled concepts about what might happen or might not happen, which has NOTHING to do with the present…

freedom of suffering

On the journey of discovering inner freedom it is important to understand the difference between pain and suffering. Pain is born out of a current experience and does only exist in the present, suffering instead comes from the stories around an experience, which is always time-bound, which means it is always tied to thoughts to…

a perspective on life

It shifts your perspective on circumstances if you realize that every manifestation is empty in itself and gains meaning ‘by relation to it’ only. Ergo no phenomenon carries a defined quality within itself that is absolute. If you investigate this understanding closely, you can find a certain kind of freedom in it – freedom of…

all there is

As one wave holds all qualities of the ocean, so does awareness bear all experiences. No separation can ultimately be found. C

welcoming life

By not running away from the present moment with all its challenges one surrenders to the free play of mind and therefore welcomes all aspects of appearance. C

the very present moment of all there is

Sometimes it seems that only when we stand in the midst of it all and conceptualize nothing true surrendering can take place. Whatever wants to enter is welcomed, whatever wants to be released dissolves. This process can’t be forced, nor can’t it be initiated, as these impulses as we can call them come from beyond…

the ego’s dance

Ego chooses the seemingly easy path of pulling and pushing between attachment and detachment which takes place in the terrain of the known for the most part. The inherent insight – call it inner wisdom, intuition or mind’s nature – instead chooses the path of recognizing the illusionary and therefore remembers itself. – C