orgasm & the collapse of duality

Why is the very climax of an ORGASM so APPEALING?

Besides that DESIRE gets satisfied and hormones get released, it seems that ‘in the very moment’ the ‘I’, or in other words the ‘identification with a Self’ loses it grip, gets softened up and eventually dissolves for a moment.

There is a touch with Non-duality / Non-separateness, the ‘YOU & I concept’ dies, the ‘body-mind concept’ collapses and therefore the ‘functionality’ of mind takes a break.


What is then experienced?


That is not necessarily a question one can or should answer with the intellect, it’s rather a sensation or an impulse that everyone has experienced and can’t necessarily put into words.

If one must use linguistic one could potentially describe it as a sense of ‘coming home’, a sense of ‘freedom’ or ‘an abiding in what seemingly ultimately is’.

However one describes ‘it’ does not really matter, as there is a common ‘understanding’ / ‘knowledge’ beyond all of us as it seems it’s that out of which everything appears.

This experience of unity can be found in any kinds of ‘activities’ or ‘non-activites’, but the very act of an orgasm seems the most organic and natural for us. – C

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