Dancing the dance

Having encountered Mahamudra and along the way other Advaita teachings in this life a little bit over ten years ago, it is giving me a constant dance between the human/conditioned experience and the taste of mind/body/beyondness.

The practice seems to be not to see these two as separate, but instead of being out of the same essence. Over the years I noticed thought that on the path of ‘waking up’ or ‘awakening’. one often shoes the tendencies of avoiding ‘human experiences’, like feeling emotions, going deep into feelings etc. John Welwood and others, call it ‘spiritual bypassing’. This is commonly found in so called ‘spiritual communities and I find it also within myself.

But what I also noticed is that one does not need much to worry about this ‘phenomena’, as life shows you that this is just another trick created by mind and sooner or later you get invited to that dance I mentioned above.

And you slowly start to dance this dance, how Alan Watts calls it, just for the sake of dancing.

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