Inquiry and Meditation

Inquiry is the first step of walking the path of seeing beyond the duality of life. Asking questions is necessary. Don’t just believe what you have been told or what you have read. Sooner or later you want to move from the intellectual perspective on things to the contemplative.

Meditation ist the best gate here to walk through. It is the direct experience of the non-dual presence, which is beyond all thoughts and intellectual fabrication. Then after a while you move between these two, back and forward, back and forward…eventually both merge at one point and boundaries disappear.

Here, in that sense, one creates a ground for transmutation on a deeper level, not from an egocentric point.
It might still involves a slight sense of duality, at least initially, in that one makes some effort to go toward experience, go into it…abide in it.

From my experiences it takes an ongoing tuning into…Eventually we can allow each experience to be just what it is. – C

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