sense of love – my personal journey

Walking the path of unveiling the Self, in order to experience love, is nothing what I could have ever imagined. When I am talking about love here, it can be described as that kind of love, that is not created by society, ideas of other people, concepts of any system, or by any religion.

I have experienced for myself, the more I let go of any of those ideas I was educated about, the more it brings me closer to the root of love. That kind of love, that is not put together by criteria. That love that is not binding. That love that is not dependent.

IMG_3141 (1)

In order that love can be expressed, an unmasking of oneself is necessary and that is definitely not a blissful or delightful experience, as some might expect.
The tearing down of all my cherished beliefs and everything I thought of myself is pretty painful most of the times. Becoming face to face with my whole structure of thinking, the cluster of my ideas which is perceived as an ‘existing’ Self is frightening and at the same time liberating.

It can be described as a journey that leads to nowhere, a journey that does not result in improvement, nor in becoming, or in any kind of transformation.

This journey is not a result of society, therefore not a result of thinking, of logic, or education.
This journey can only happen within, when we start looking behind the symbols that were created by men over time.

What then might can get revealed is a true sense of being, a true sense of Self and a true sense of love, which eventually might be experienced as all of the same source.



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  1. schön schön schön … geschrieben …. liebe dakini … das berührt doch sehr …

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